Student Council

Student Council of P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University" provides for the disclosure of student opinions and proposals on all issues of general interest on the plans and programs of their studies. Student government is democratically elected, it represents the interests of students and encourages student engagement and participation in social and cultural life of the University.


Student Council of P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University" aims:

• To address the concerns of students and act to resolve them.

• To contribute to the growth of organizational and management skills of active student groups.

• To create structures that serve to inform students and care for their maintenance.

• Cooperate with the University to improve the teaching and research - scientific.

• To establish and strength links between the students our University and the students of other universities in Albania and around the world.

• To create auxiliary structures.

• To provide facilities for students.

• To develop cultural and educational tools for the students.

• To carry out activities aimed in entertaining of the students.