Career Office

Career Office is established as an office available to all the students of our University to orient them in accordance with their trends, talent and plan for them individual career goals. The main objective of this guidance and counseling office is to orient students in the labor market.

Mission of the Career Office is to increase the employment of our students and graduates, to provide the best services to students, staff and other interest groups in order to improve the quality of education and help them develop their full potential and to have a higher performance in the labor market.


Career Office serves as a bridge between students and the labor market, it aims to help students develop their potential through:

1. Career Counseling.

2. Increase the number of students and graduates who are employed in their profession.

3. To assist students in making connections with potential employers.

4. Provide training services in according with many organizations, institutions and businesses.

5. Knowledge of the labor market in terms of the desired job search and the ability to appear in this search in the most professional manner possible.

6. The ability to test the desired work through labor practices.

7. The opportunity and ability to build a network of professional recognitions in the premises of the labor market

8. Prepare proposals for changes and improvements in the students curricula.

9. It is responsible for organizing job fairs.

10. Maintain ongoing relationships with other associations or alumni organizations and supports them in their functioning.

11. Career Office organizes a variety of activities during the academic year, which are connected directly with the students. Activities as: workshops, trainings, info days, meetings, open days, summer school and career fairs.

12. Organize these activities engaging volunteer students in innovative projects or help them to participate in various competitions, training opportunities and internship and employment opportunities with companies that cooperate with P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University."

We invite you all to become active part of the of Career Office.

For more information, please contact:

MSc. Anisa Duka