The Role of Alumni in P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University" is to create and enhance a continuing relationship between current students, professors and all graduates from P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University".

Through constant meetings and activities Alumni network helps in the transmission of ideas, initiatives, innovation, cooperation between each other, activities much needed after the graduation process.

Alumni Network encourages current students where once the graduates will become part of it.  All students who complete their studies at P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University" are its alumni.


The main goal is to focus on individuals who have studied in P.H.E.I."Metropolitan Tirana University" to be again part of his being involved in all activities and meetings organized.

Alumni network serves to inform current students in details of their career and olso serves as a source of informations about labor market offers.

Alumni Network enables the exchange of graduate and current students experiences and cooperation in the implementation of joint activities.

Alumni network's main activity is:

Creating new relationships with graduate students;

Maintaining good relations with current students who continue their studies at P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University."

Members who are part of the Alumni network will provide information based on their personal experience, career counseling to students who are currently part prpogram. of it and support them in their professional career.


Why should you be part of Alumni?


Alumni Network members can be all those individuals who have studied in P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University”.

It is part of the Alumni Network:

Alumni members are beneficiaries of scholarships and programs in P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University".

Have the possibility of presentation and exposure of your work in P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University."

Are active in the social, educational and cultural.

Be part of the most important projects P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University."

Are beneficiaries of publications in magazines of P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University".


Our main goal is to develop a better future together.


To join, contact us.


MSc. Anisa Duka