PHEI "Metropolitan University of Tirana" is supported by a group of local and foreign partners of key areas.

Created and conceived by a group of investors from the field of economics, engineering and telecommunications, this has enabled the PHEI "Metropolitan University of Tirana" to rely on every step of these partner companies in the domestic market.

Each year, students from the PHEI "Metropolitan University of Tirana" develop the teaching practices in these institutions, thus taking a more practical orientation than the theoretical one they receive every year.

Local institutions more closely associated with PHEI "Metropolitan University of Tirana" this year have again given the opportunity for any student to apply to them to be employed in one of their vacant positions. In this way PHEI "Metropolitan University of Tirana" thinks to make it easier to face the labor market of the first generation of graduates in it.

PHEI "Metropolitan University of Tirana" is at any time in talks and deals with potential new partners by expanding the opportunities for our students to be employed in the best institutions in the country.

Metropolitan cooperates with the following businesses to provide students with internship programs, internship programs and employment programs with:


AS @ N, Albanian Students Network in the World

Synapse ATS

Economic Service Center


Youth Bonus

Abraham Lincoln Center Foundation


"Big Bang"

FrontLine call center

C & S Construction

Raiffeisen Sh.A.

Copier & Computer Center

Geo Vjosa



Vodafone SH.A

Youth ACT

Testing Center S.T.A.

Directorate of Patents and Trademarks