Library of P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University" located on the sixth floor of the central building of the university.

The main purpose of the library is to support to a higher level of education and research process with all the necessary didactic materials. This service is offered for all our students and academic staff.


The library is structured in three designated areas:

a) read-only environment

b) equipped with computers environment for rich literature available on-line library

c) study environment equipped with a round table in group study and preparation of students for work or prepare group projects.


The library has a rich fund of books and publications for all branches of study that P.H.E.I. "Metropolitan Tirana University offer. Books are inventoried and divided by areas and topics and in different languages: Albanian, English and Italian.

We have an large number of subscriptions in the most prestigious journals in economics and engineering fields. Besides hardcopy literature enrichment, a further enrichment has brought and establishing relations of cooperation with McGraw Hill, one of the largest university and scientific publications and dissemination of science in USA and worldwide. Our collaboration with McGraw Hill exists since 2015 and has provided a useful contribution to the work of teaching and learning science. Through this cooperation was achieved in all our university syllabi include contemporary literature that exists in the world, which is updated and enriched every year.


The library is open:

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.

Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.