Metropolitan Geospatial Center

Metropolitan Geospatial Center is an organization created by joint efforts of academic research institution and private business, aiming to create the necessary geospatial infrastructure and platforms for diverse application and data processing workflow.

Metropolitan Geospatial Center has the mission to develop the academic research, the incubation and the acceleration of business ideas and start ups, by setting up the Geospatial infrastructures and platforms and empowering applications that increase transparency and participation on the decision-making processes.

From geospatial sensors to analysis and creation of the developments models - use of modern technology open the doors of the infinite possibilities.

Metropolitan Geospatial Center is built on solid foundations of cooperation oriented towards innovative market solutions.

We are passionate about Geospatial and ICT and we believe in the core value of technology to reshape our world. If you have any question for any one of us please just send an email.

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Agriculture not only gives viches to a notion but the only riches she can call her own farmers have never faced as many problems as they do today with drought ,range fires. Receiving data in time is the key on decision making to agriculture productivity.GIS Solution on land Information system are accompained with remote Sensing application on data processing of aerial and satelite imagery. Our aim is to give the agricultural planners and agencies the best expertise and consultancy on production planning and monitoring.


Archeology is a magical gateway to the past. IT is the discipline that complements history best with its hard evidences and methodological advantages. GIS and Remote Sensing has become an important and widely used tool in archeological analysis


Given the importance of facilities and their place in society, a revolution in facilities management is occurring. Geographic Information Systems are designed specifically for the management and analysis of spatial relationships,and offer many benefits to the facilities management community. Management professionals are becoming acutely aware of the value that geospatial support represents to enterprise wide decision making process.


Managing on operative platform on collecting data from different sources,analyzing correctly creaing interactive applications – this dynamic approche to all kind of. Tourism is one of the m0most rapidly increasing business sectors.

Touristic field gives the opportunity on seein as one the national touristic product.. In case of tourism planning and management gis is using as a very useful tool.


The implementation of cloud computing technology has been a major milestone in the GIS industry. The advantages associated with the adoption of cloud GIS, such as optimized operations in real time, are encouraging organizations to shift to this technology. Cloud GIS use a virtualized platform, which is beneficial for a scalable, elastic environment.The need of giving voice to the citizien on the dynamic process of decision making,as well as collecting their opinion and creating the possibilities of online referendums.



Harmonization of excisting and creation of new data upen INSPIRE direction standarts needs a new level of know how and different tools. Open Data Governence is a target also on the field of geospatial information system that open a new field of challenge.