Prof.Asoc.Emre Çeçen

Chief of Department

 Personal Quote: “Science is knowing science, science is self-awareness You do not recognize yourself, what is this studying?” - Yunus Emre.

Emre Çeçen is an assistant professor of civil engineering at Metropolitan University of Tirana. He is a civil engineer specialized in geotechnical engineering. He has worked in academia for over 22 years. He has worked as a lecturer and he has held administrative role as head of department. He has published peer reviewed articles and conference papers about numerical analysis applications in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering related topics, tunnel-soil interaction, soil improvement by various types of additives, shallow and deep foundations. He has consulted over 150 governmental and private sector companies regarding geotechnical and geo-environmental related issues. His fields of expertise include but not limited to geotechnical investigation at all levels, soil improvement, sand/stone columns, jet-grout, deep and shallow foundations and shoring works, slope stability, soil-structure interaction, tunnel induced soil movements, etc. Dr. Çeçen holds a PhD and Ms. in civil (geotechnical) engineering from Istanbul Technical University.

Scientific Publication:

ÇEÇEN, E., HUSSEIN, O., I., (2015),"Numerical Analysis of Improvement Effects of Stone Columns for Weak Soils”, 6th Geotechnical Symposium, Adana, Turkey (In Turkish)

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