Bachelor in Finance study program Banking is built on the daily needs of the labor market in the areas of banking, insurance and financial institutions.

This program is also designed to equip students with the basic principles needed to start a career in accounting and finance, employed or as an independent professional in the private or public sector. The courses offered through the program constitute a balance between academic and practical direction and are the best of the country's best tradition with innovations from the region and the world.

The student is thus enabled to be employed in different economic units, both in the public and private sectors, namely in positions with commercial banks of the second level, as financial analysts, project finance analysts, capital analysts, debtors, Corporate finance analyst and portfolio manager and private equity. He can also be employed as an analyst for planning and control management functions, can be employed in the internal audit and auditing, accounting and banking and financial reporting sectors as responsible for financial management of companies as an analyst And micro finance and ethical financiers, etc.

Finance graduates with Finance and Banking Accounting profiles can immediately pursue master's degree programs in economics.

Year I

 Semester I  Introduction to Economics  6
 Semester I  Marketing  6
 Semester I  Mathematics  6
 Semester I  Communication in Business  6
 Semester I  Computing  6
 Semester I  English Language  3
 Total Semester I  Total Subject:6 Total ECTS:33
Semester II Microeconomics 6
Semester II Fundamentals of Finance 6
Semester II Business Mangement 6
Semester II Statics I 6
Semester II Entrance to Entrepreneurship 3
Total Semester II Total Subjects : 5 Total ECTS : 27
Year I Total Subjects : 11 Total ECTS : 60 

Year II

 Semester I  Macroeconomics  6
 Semester I  Financial Mathematics  6
 Semester I  Pubblic Finances  6
 Semester I  Basics of Accounting  6
 Semester I  Statics II  6
 Total Semester I  Total Subjects : 5  Total ECTS : 30
 Semester II  Investment  6
 Semester II  Operations Management  6
Semester II Subject with elections* 6
Semester II Financial Accounting 6
Semester II Business Law 6
 Total Semester II  Total Subjects : 5  Total ECTS : 30
 Year II  Total Subjects : 10  Total ECTS : 60

Year III

 Semester I  Financial Direction  6
 Semester I  Accounting Cost Direction  6
 Semester I  Financial Analysis  6
 Semester I  Business Tasks  6
 Semester I  Risk Management  6
 Total Semester I  Total Subjects : 5  Total ECTS : 30
 Semester II  Human Resource Mangagement  6
 Semester II  Money and Banks 6
Semester II Banking Accounting 6
Semester II Practical 6
Semester II Graduate Thesis 6
 Total Semester II  Total Subjects : 5  Total ECTS : 30
 Year III  Total Subjects : 10  Total ECTS : 60

Subject with elections *

 Semester II  Business Ethics  6
 Semester II  Academic Writing  6
 Total Bachelor  Total Subjects : 31  Total ECTS : 180