Rector speech

Dear students, honored parents and colleagues.

I have the honor to admit a very important task in a person's career, a task that is, among other things, a great challenge. Challenges are exactly what makes life more interesting and successfully passing them is what fulfills it. To continue the path started by my colleague, Professor Gëzim Karapici, is so a beautiful challenge and what I want to share with you all today, besides thanking you for your faith, is my vision to continue that path.

PHEI Metropolitan University of Tirana was born 6 years ago as a innovation of higher education in the country. In a wide range of study opportunities and programs, the Metropolitan University Tirana University became a focused, clear university in its profiling and I believe it is already a success story in this reality. To keep up the past, I have the full confidence that what is coming is even more important and more difficult, but even more beautiful than what we have left behind. We are a modern, metropolitan university, complete with academic offerings, but what we aim at now is to increase the level of scientific research and to strengthen the interactions we have with our partners and foreigners, precisely in this focus.

A quality university can not be such without a genuine scientific research.

I believe that this should be just a turning point not only for our university but for the whole Albanian education system. We want to contribute to strengthening our research not only for our students but also in fulfilling the mission of the university system itself: to help its developing country, an intelligent and sustainable development. But at the same time it also creates the premise that this development will be a concrete help in improving the curricula of the students themselves, who are and will remain the center of our interest and our permanent attention. We continue to have the confidence and the desire to create a future leader and our students are our strength to achieve this goal.

So, in your beloved students, I want to stop at the end. I've spent an entire life among you and my wish is to continue serving you with my knowledge and experience in the teaching plan, but at the same time, I want to share with you also have this important experience. I will be the Rector of PHEI Metropolitan University of Tirana as your permanent professor. To guide you in this stage of life where you really invest for the best of it. It is a common challenge, the only challenge that makes us realize and makes us more valuable and responsible for our role in Albanian society and reality.

Best Regards.
Prof. Dr. Agim Selenica
Rector of PHEI Metropolitan Universitety of Tirana