Laboratory of Construction and Concrete Materials

The Building Materials and Concrete Workshop was erected in the building of the Metropolitan Tirana University on the 1st floor, on the street "S.Kolea & Budi". In its composition, among the main equipment are: grips to determine the concrete resistance in special printing for concrete models and corresponding to European norms, vibrating concrete bricks, kilns to speed dry concrete models, equipment for In the concrete and building materials laboratory, the laboratory for the "Concrete Structures" is realized as the determination of the resistance of concrete in the printing, the impact of the construction factors Different in the resistance of concrete, etc. Also, a laboratory for materials materials covering the full range of laboratory work of this discipline is developed, such as: determination of specific weight of inert materials, determination of granulometric composition of inert materials, study of properties of building materials, cement Etc.


Prepare concrete with steel fiber


Steel fibers used for test


Concrete Cubicles and Cylinders


Test of Consistency