Cisco Laboratory

The CISCO Laboratory is a high standard laboratory where all students are given the opportunity to conduct laboratory exercises in accordance with the standard CISCO quality control model. This laboratory is equipped with a central control system which enables the trainer to demonstrate the experiments and to do the various works during a laboratory session, and so do all the students in their computers at the same time. This helps the students better understand the subjects practically.

The CISCO network equipment in this laboratory are as follows:

1- Firewall CISCO ASA5510 BUN-K9

It is a CISCO device designed to protect the computer network of businesses and companies at less cost and in an effective way. It is a high performance firewall that integrates five 10/100 Fast Ethernet Ports and secures VPN services. This type of firewall also supports protection against external interruptions and losses through AIP SSM. It also provides protection against various malware through CSC SSM.

2- Catalyst Switch CISCO WS-C29 ** - 24TC-L 10/100

It is an intelligent CISCO SWICH ETHERNET device, a new fixed line configuration that enables the Fast ETHERNET desktop and Gigabit ETHERNET connection for different companies. It also provides enhanced LAN services. They also offer integrated security including NAC as well as advanced QoS.

3- Switch CISCO 24TC-L 10/100

It is a CISCO device that enables computers to connect to a network and communicate between them. This type of switch supports voice, data, and data streams. Also, this type of switch can interact with the above-mentioned CISCO devices to improve safety and performance.

Two types of software are used for configuring and administering firewalls and other CISCO devices located in this Laboratory as follows:

1- CISCO ASDM is CISCO Certified Software for CISCO Network Management Only. The use of this Software is widely known in the field of computer networks. CISCO ASDM is a software used by CISCO experts.

2- PuTTy is another software that can manage and configure CISCO devices on a computer network but unlike ASDM this software is user friendly. The students can easily learn the configuration and management of the devices.

In order for the computer network to be monitored professionally, the students are taught to manage CISCO networks using CISCO Network Magic. This enables the students to manage more professionally and efficiently a computer network.

In this laboratory, besides the laboratory studies performed by the students of the UMT "Metropolitan University of Tirana", there will be held some courses for advanced computer networks as well as Linux. To this end, the UMT students will be offered free participation providing them with the opportunity to prepare for receiving the certificates that the today`s market requires to work in this area.