Laboratory of Electrical,Electronics and Telecomunications

Laboratories are an important part of the UMT. The laboratory of Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications is available to all students’ profile in computer engineering. The laboratory is equipped with electronic boards, oscilloscopes and signal generators for experimentation / phenomena verification of analog and digital electronics.

The laboratory is enriched with Arduino microcontrollers for the course of project development and also laboratory work. This laboratory is presented for the use of all students to improve their practical skills and qualifications to be competitive in the labor market after their graduation.

Regarding to laboratories that follow up Electrical Engineering Curricula, during this academic year certain improved steps have been taken, in order to increase the number of lab frequentation and having more solid experience. 

Laboratories, mainly are carried out by using simulator software, but fundamental knowledge is embodied through real-hardware experimentation. Also, some professors follow a different approach by taking students at industrial places like Hydro centrals, Factories, etc. 

Software that we use in our laboratories are the following: 

1. FESTO – Industrial Control Training System

2. Micro Win

3. S7_200 SIEMENS

4. Matlab

5. Xilinix ISE (webpack)

6. Tina

The courses that are covered by this programs (software) are the following: 

1. Energy Management Systems

2. Electric and Electronic Measurements in Industry

3. Programmable Electronic Systems

4. Digital Control

5. Power Electronics

6. Automation Basics

7. Power Electronics

8. Electronic Measurements

Hardware Equipment used in our laboratories are the following: 

1. Digital Multimeter

2. Digital Oscilloscope

3. Function Generator

4. Power supply


6. Onboard Electric Circuits

The courses that are covered by this equipment are the following: 

1. Electric and Electronic Measurements

2. Digital Control

3. Automation Basics

4. Power Electronics

5. Electronic Measurements

6. Programmable Electronic Systems

We are on undergoing process to complete our laboratory by buying the following equipment:

1. Electrical Maintenance Skill Training System

2. Laboratory work Table and Power Supply Channel

3. Electromechanical Training System

4. Electrical Machines

UMT has established good working relationships with prestigious companies such as Elettronica Veneta, Dolang Technology Equipment, Cokesen Elektronik, FESTO, and other companies in order to be coherent and consistent with the latest laboratory developments in the field Of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.