Multifunctional Laboratory

The multifunctional internet hall is equipped with a large number of work positions for the students. The students of all study programs at the UMT can work individually or in group projects in this laboratory. This area is consisted of modern computers which are installed with engineering software. The software provides students with design, programming, measurements etc.. This room is used by the students and teaching staff of all branches in particular.

Some of the courses for which this hall is used are:

1. CAD

    The multifunctional hall computers are equipped with AUTOCAD software in order for providing the students with a computer-aided environment in this course. The students have the opportunity to use this software for various projects and tasks.

2. Numerical Methods with MATLAB

    The students learn numerical and statistical methods during this course. The MATLAB software is available in this multifunctional hall for this course to be conducted in a more efficient manner The MATLAB which is very powerful simulation software in engineering fields.

3. Signal Processing Methods

    The students learn basic analysis of digital signal processing during this course. The MATLAB software package is also used for the analysis of signals in this course.

4. Graphical Informatics

    The students are taught advanced knowledge of computer graphics and multimedia in this course. The AUTODESK 3D MAX software is installed on the computers to enable practical approach to this course.

The multifunctional internet hall has been presented for the use by the students to realize the classes in a simulation environment.

This hall is also used for various other activities held at the UMT such as Arduino Workshop.