Lifelong Education

Classical education models, which include an initial intensive schooling period and sporadic training primarily organized by companies for specific interests in the operating sector, are already a completely depreciated model in the logic of an extreme automation of the world economy.

We are in a historical period quite similar to the industrial revolution, a period which in the same way requires an adaptation of society to another model of education. Much as it happened at the time when the current model threw its roots but with a huge change; Today is not only the model of teaching that needs radical change, but above all, the frequency with which everyone has to deal with changes and professional updates should be increased and their spectrum needs to be expanded to a traversal logic of the labor market and global In terms of competences. Continuous training courses is the term that we must face today in this colossal change in our way of life.

Objectives: Continuing training courses aim to follow a learning philosophy that is different from the traditional one and goes along with it under the objective of continuous improvement of the individual and society. Lifelong Learning, based on the pillars of Lifelong Learning, a system attributed to Jacques Delors, 1996:

Learning to Learn.

Learning to do.

Learning to be.

The development of continuous training courses is an embodiment of the objectives and vision of Metropolitan University of Tirana itself.

Currently, these ongoing training courses are being developed:

European Level Project Management Course

Assessment and Investment Course on Real Estate