Registration and enrollment.

Seccond circle of university studies.
Registration and students transfer. The procedures:

To be accepted in a program of the second circle of studies, the candidate should have a diplome of the first cycle of studies in the same field or aproximment relevant field. The candidate wins the right to follow the studies in the academic year, if he registers at the Secretary Office in the limited time that has been defined previously announced.
Tu be registered the student should give to the secretary the documentation:
1.The copy of the noterized diploma of bachelor studies and the suplement of the diploma.
2. Noterized copy of measured state with the grade certeficate
3. The aplication formular
4. Two photographs
5. Id copy
6. Certeficate of the foreign languages
To begin the master studies , the student have to accept the rules of the stade and the studies contract of PHEI “Metropolitan Tirana University”.
The procedures of transfer studies in the second cycle in PHEI “Metropolitan Tirana University”:
To get registered the candidate bring at the secretary the documents like below:
1.The full plan of study and the original syllabus
2. Certification of the list of grades and credits earned for each course and the obligation to repay, which will serve grades raw equivalence study program to follow
3. Certified copy of the diploma that state graduation certificate along with grades, or a leaving certificate / diploma earned another study abroad, the estimated equivalent of Albania and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES).
A candidate who has completed high school in Albania before 2011, have to bring notarized copy of the certificate of maturity of high school. In the absence of diploma Matura or voucher maturity of high school must submit duplicate the note maturity issued by the directorate of school and prove to the Regional Education Directorate / Education
Office concerned or transcripts school issued by the State Archives.
4. Id copy
5. Two photographs
6. Certeficate of foreign languages
The foreign citizens have to bring the Permission of Stay in Albania and to accept the rules of state, and the contract of studies at PHEI “Metropolitan Tirana University”.

Telecomunication Engineering

This cycle of study prepares the student to perform a role of innovation in the design sector, engineering, manufacturing, exercise and maintenance of modern telecommunication systems,


Informatics Engineering

Master of Science in Informatics Engineering has as main objective the formation of engineers capable of operating in the sectors of design,


Electrical Engineering

The Master of Science in Electrical Engineering provides a multidisciplinary preparation, based on the fundamentals of industrial engineering.


Mechatronics Engineering

The Professional figure of a Mechatronics Engineer is relatively recent, but very much appreciated, because it respond to the needs of the labor market,


Civil Engineering Structures Profile

The main objective of this profile is to further prepare the construction engineer and equipping him with a diploma of Master of Science in the field of "design and construction of various engineering works in the field of civil construction, industrial and works of art of transport infrastructure".


Electronics Engineering

This program generally aims to provide students with in depth technical-scientific university level, as required by various application areas of electronics.



The main objective of the program Master of Science in Management, with profiles in Business Administration and Human Resource Management


Engineering Management

Engineering Management is a multidisciplinary field that involves the application of business methods and management expertise to technology companies and products or engineering processes.


Civil Engineering-Profile Transportation Infrastructure

The main objective of this profile is the ongoing preparation of the civil engineer and his graduation with a Master of Science (MSc) in the field of "design and construction of various engineering works in the field of civil construction, industrial and infrastructure transport's works of art".