Engineering study programs

Engineering study programs prepare professionals in the field of Construction Engineering, Computer Engineering, profiles from the most demanding in the labor market. The curricula in these profiles are designed according to the best experience of the country and foreign universities. These programs are distinguished for the contemporary level and the logical handling of the subject, the connection to the practice of application, the widespread use of computer methods. Prepared engineers are able to integrate into the Albanian economy and solve the problems that reality raises.

During the studies in the Construction Engineering Engineering program, a professional with specific competencies and knowledge related to the realization, management, control and maintenance of civil and industrial constructions is prepared, as well as major works such as bridges, dams, tunnels.

The study program is structured to give the students the necessary methodological and operational tools that will serve as a direct entry into the world of work, with supporting functions of the aforementioned activities, as well as an effective preparation for further study For the Master of Science.

The program relies on the best accumulated experience in our country but also the construction engineering schools outside it. It also has a good harmonization between the theoretical and practical formation of the student and uses contemporary calculator techniques.

The program of study in Computer Engineering prepares professionals figure with general competencies in the field of Information Technology, Telecommunication, Electronics and Computer Engineering.