Economics study programs

Economics study programs aim to educate a new generation of economists, financiers and business managers, capable of responding to the demands of a global market economy and the challenges that come from ever-stronger competition in local, regional, National and global, as well as changes from technological innovations. The Faculty of Economics offers the best expertise of local and foreign academics, combining contemporary university curricula and curricula with the highest European standards in economic sciences, business management and informatic economics.

Students benefit from a general and solid training in economic and business disciplines as well as complete methodological training for critical analysis and interpretation of economic developments in all areas of business. Students will understand the economic, financial and business profile of the business and learn the tools needed to formulate, implement and control decision-making. This program is characterized by an effective equilibrium between the various fundamental methodological instruments and the possibility of a curriculum in which the elements of specialization and professionalism are taken.

The study program is structured to give the students the necessary methodological and operational tools that will serve as a direct entry into the world of work, with supporting functions of the aforementioned activities, as well as an effective preparation for further study For the Master of Science.

University programs and curricula include knowledge in the fields of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Economics Thought History, Business Administration, Strategic Management, Marketing, Economic Informatics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Finance and Accounting.

All these knowledge and skills prepare students to be competitive in the labor market and to increase the competitive capacities of students in this market. The aim is therefore to train students and to create specialists in the public and private sector.

ORDER No.16, dated 19/01/2017 for

Opening of the First Cycle Study Program, Bachelor in "Finance" with Profile: "Accounting" and "Banking", of the Higher Education Higher Education "Metropolitan University Tirana"

This study program is opened, according to the Decision No. 202, dated 18.11.2016, of the Council of Accreditation of Higher Education.