Architecture study programs

The Integrated Second Level Program in Architecture aims to provide students with basic contemporary scientific knowledge in the field of architecture and to enable them to acquire in-depth professional knowledge in related disciplines; Engineering, urban planning, bio-architecture, interior design and restoration.

This program aims to equip students with a core academic education focused on key knowledge and competences.

At the end of this program the student should have the following professional characteristics:

1. Good design skills

2. Good Communication Skills

3. Good teamwork skills

4.Local students who correspond to qualified levels of employment and professionalism

5. Good skills in self-assessment and self-evaluation (lifelong learning);

6. Continuous updating of knowledge and skills in software such as Autocad 2D and 3D, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, etc.

7. Interdisciplinary professional knowledge and skills

8. Opportunities for the establishment and development of independent professional activity

A profound and comprehensive training of students would enable employment and development of project and implementation activity in; Design studios, construction companies, agencies and design structures at the local level, agencies and design structures at the central level, consultancy studios, academic fields, etc. The aim is therefore to train students and to create specialists in the public and private sector.

ORDER No.15, dated 19/01/2017 for

The opening of the Integrated Program of Second cycle study, Master of Architecture Sciences, with profiles: Architect, Bio - Architect, Architect - Restorer, Architect - Engineer, Architect - Interiors, Higher Education Higher Education Metropolitan University Tirana.

This study program is opened, according to the Decision No. 203, dated 18.11.2016, of the Council of Accreditation of Higher Education.